By Robin Girling

Wedding rings are amongst the favourite pieces of jewellery robin makes. Often commissioned by longstanding clients or their children, he takes great pleasure in making the rings that couples present to each other on their wedding day.

Alongside new pieces Robin is frequently asked to make wedding rings using heirloom jewellery or old family rings. If this is your preference you will be invited to visit the workshop to see your rings being made. There is something very special about seeing your gold being melted down, transformed and given a new lease of life as your own unique wedding rings. An experience you will always remember.

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Selini Wedding Rings

Selini clients expect the finest materials to be used in their jewellery. 18ct gold is in fact only 75% pure with the remaining 25% consisting of alloys. The constituent parts of these alloys vary immensely across the jewellery industry and determine the overall quality of the gold. The specific combination of alloys directly affects for example depth of colour, polish, hardness and longevity of the finish.

Manufacturing with the highest quality precious alloys and adherence to responsible jewellery practices is paramount for robin and the reason why Selini will only use Agosi in Germany as its single source for all its raw gold and platinum. Agosi are regarded as the finest gold and platinum supplier and are certified by the responsible jewellery council in London. For more information please click on button below.

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