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Alexandrite Daisy ObjEt D'ART

Exceptional Pieces

Robin was commissioned in 2014 to design and make a significant piece to mark a special event. The creation is a complicated jewel which converts for 3 occasions, it can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace and when not being worn, rather than being hidden away, it is displayed in a one of a kind custom glass case as an Objet D’Art, or fine jewellery ornament.

‘Designing the piece to have three uses was challenging, particularly making the interchangeable fittings so that each piece looked as it should for each function.’

alexandrite daisy

Special Pieces


15.0 carats of rubies, 12.0 carats of diamonds and an exceptionally rare 3.75 carat colour change alexandrite, handcrafted in 18 carat rose and yellow gold, displayed in a bespoke glass case.



Ref Number

  • EXP-N012015

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Brooch
  • Pendant
  • Objet d'art

Carat Weight

  • 3.75ct alexandrite
  • 12ct VVS diamonds
  • 15ct rubies

Diamond Cut

  • Oval alexandrite
  • Round brilliant diamonds and rubies

Material Used

  • Selini rose gold
  • Selini yellow gold

Precious metals manufactured by Robin in-house.