Egg Pendant

The Design

The ‘Egg’ Pendant was designed as a unique piece, simple in concept but complex in execution. The heart and soul of this piece is an exceptionally rare 1.0 carat VVS2 fancy vivid orangy yellow brilliant pear shaped diamond.

For further detail the pendant features 18 carat gold enamel eggs with micro pavé set diamonds.

Egg Pendant

Exceptional Pieces


A yellow diamond is yellow due to the trace nitrogen element within the carbon atom structure. The orange hue is caused by a colour reflected back to the eye due to a distortion in the crystal structure.

This carbon fancy vivid diamond has a twist in its crystal structure formed at the atomic level and includes traces of nitrogen thus causing the orangy yellow colour rather than the clear white of a traditional diamond. Fancy vivid yellow diamonds are exceptionally rare and highly sought after.

Manufacture & Setting

Handcrafting the Egg Pendant is a time consuming process requiring balance and meticulous detail on both sides. High precision tolerances used in creation must be maintained throughout all stages.

Once all of the individual settings have been drilled and bright cut, each tiny VVS diamond must be placed and set by hand, the tolerances required to execute this work are exceptionally high.

Adjusting the setting to get a perfect fit for the stone is a crucial part of the process, there is no room for error when setting a stone of this value and rarity. Once in place and secure, the claws are microscopically hand engraved to add further detail.


Ref Number

  • TBC

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Pendant

Carat Weight

  • 1.0 carat VVS2 fancy vivid orangy yellow brilliant diamond
  • 0.54 carat VVS diamonds

Diamond Cut

  • Pear
  • Round brilliant

Material Used

  • Diamond
  • 18 carat white gold