Entwined Ring

The Design

The ‘Entwined’ Ring was designed as a unique piece, simple in concept but complex in execution, to symbolise the woven relationship of a marriage. The heart and soul of this piece is an exceptionally rare 1.23 carat padparadscha sapphire and a internally flawless 0.79 carat oval brilliant diamond, which shine amongst hundreds of micro pavé set VVS diamonds.

Featuring an exceptionally rare 1.23 carat padparadscha sapphire and internally flawless 0.79 oval brilliant diamond with pavé set VVS diamonds set in platinum.

Etwined Ring

Exceptional Pieces

The Diamond

Internally flawless white diamonds are exceptionally rare and highly sought after. The process by which diamonds are created is chaotic.

The earth spends hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of years, refining coal under immense pressure and heat and over an extended period, carbon is transformed into a glittering gem.

Even though every diamond is created in the same fashion, the finished rough is wildly unpredictable not to mention the ultimate cutting into a gem. As such, humans have created a scientific system for grading diamonds. Within the grading scale there is a grade of diamond that is as rare as it is attainable: the internally flawless (IF) diamond.

The Gemstone

Sapphires are famously known for their rich cornflower blue colour however the crystals grow in every colour of the rainbow.

Blue sapphires get their colour from the addition of titanium and iron during the crystal growth of the corundum mineral. However, when trace elements of chromium and iron are added to corundum you find the exceedingly rare pink to orange padparadscha sapphire.

Padparadscha sapphires were discovered in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon). The word “padparadscha” is derived from the Sinhalese word for “lotus flower,” owing to that blossom’s brightly coloured pink petals, which are echoed in this salmon coloured gemstone. In the Middle Ages padparadscha were well known for their associations with creativity, energy, and good health.

Sapphires are very durable, with rating of 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, just beneath a diamond which makes them ideal for every day wear.

Padparadscha sapphires hit the celebrity spotlight recently when Princess Eugenie of England revealed her engagement ring to be a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

Manufacture & Setting

Handcrafting the platinum ring is a time consuming process requiring balance and meticulous detail on both sides. High precision tolerances used in creation must be maintained throughout all stages.

Once all of the individual settings have been drilled and bright cut, each tiny VVS diamond must be placed and set by hand, the tolerances required to execute this work are exceptionally high.

Adjusting the setting to get a perfect fit for the two stones is a crucial part of the process, there is no room for error when setting stones of this value and rarity. Once in place and secure, the claws are microscopically hand engraved to add further detail.


Ref Number

  • TBC

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Ring

Carat Weight

  • 1.23 carat padparadscha sapphire
  • 0.79 internally flawless (IF) diamond
  • 0.42 VVS diamonds

Diamond Cut

  • Oval brilliant
  • Round brilliant

Material Used

  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Platinum