Pink Diamond Ring

Exceptional Pieces

Designed to be a classic timeless ring with hidden fine detail to display the exceptionally rare pink marquise diamond and enhance its beautiful shape. The piece is designed to be suitable as either a bridal ring or an occasional statement piece.

Pink diamonds are exceptionally rare and highly sought after. Rare coloured fancy diamonds make up only 2% of rough diamonds used in cutting and pink diamonds are amongst the rarest of fancy colours.

Gemological research has discovered that the colour of the majority of pink diamonds can be attributed to distortions in their crystaline structure during growth, rather than being due to the presence of trace elements such as boron or nitrogen.

Featuring an exceptionally rare 0.64 carat natural fancy pink
marquise diamond in platinum pavé set with VVS diamonds.

Pink Diamond Ring

Exceptional Pieces

The Platinum Mount

Handcrafting the platinum ring is a time consuming process requiring balance and meticulous detail on both sides. High precision tolerances used in creation must be maintained throughout all stages.

Micro PavE Setting

Once all of the individual settings have been drilled and bright cut, each tiny VVS diamond must be placed and set by hand, the tolerances required to execute this work are exceptionally high.

Pink Diamond Setting

Adjusting the setting to get a perfect fit for the main pink diamond is a crucial part of the process, there is no room for error when setting a diamond of this value and rarity. Once in place and secure the claws are microscopically hand engraved to add further detail.


Ref Number

  • 007/0419

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Ring

Carat Weight

  • 0.64ct natural fancy pink diamond
  • 0.8ct VVS round brilliant diamonds

Diamond Cut

  • Marquise

Material Used

  • Diamond
  • Platinum