Private Commissions

Commissioning Robin gives you the opportunity to create a truly bespoke original piece of jewellery.

Wave Ring

1.10 carat VVS diamonds with intricate pavé set diamonds in 18ct white gold.

REF: PC-007-0319

Intense Gold Ring

2.52 carat natural intense yellow diamond with pavé set shoulders in 18 carat yellow gold.

REF: PC-002-0418

Kaleidoscope Cuff

14 carats of imperial topaz, peridot, amethyst and diamonds in rose gold.

REF: PC-0100119

Gold Curve Ring

0.80 carat VVS1 pear cut diamond, micro pavé surround in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum.

REF: PC-004-0119

Korloff Elegance Ring

1.72 carat Korloff with two pear 0.85 carat diamonds, micro pavé set with 2.05 carat diamonds.

REF: PC-0110918

Art Deco Baguette Ring

Art Deco style ring with 3 carats of VVS baguette diamonds set in platium.

REF: PC-007-1018

Hex Ruby Ring

One of a kind hexagon cut 1.90 carat ruby ring with 0.70 carat VVS diamonds in platinum.

REF: PC-077-0119

Sapphire Pendant

1.09 carat custom cut sapphire with diamond trilliant VVS pavé surround in 18 carat white gold.

REF: PC-004-1118

Ruby Sapphire Butterfly

Titanium and white gold butterfly brooch with 2.50 carat of rubies, sapphires and VVS diamonds.

REF: PC-007-0918

Sapphire Curve Ring

2.04 carat oval cushion blue sapphire in platinum with 0.60 carat VVS diamond.

REF: PC-008-1118

Intense Pink

Natural intense pink heart diamond with matched pavé set pink and white diamonds in platinum.

REF: PC-009-1018

Curve Ring

2.03 carat pear cut diamond, 0.90 carat pavé set VVS diamonds in platinum.

REF: N019-2018

Hinge Ring

Natural intense yellow diamonds set in 18 carat yellow gold with laser engraving.

REF: N018-2018

Round Classic

1.51 carat round brilliant cut ring with leaf shape shoulders in 18 carat yellow gold.

REF: N017-2018

Princess Lux

4.0 carat princess cut diamond with VVS pavé set diamond surround in platinum.

REF: N06-2018

Leaf Ring

One of a kind Leaf Ring, hand engraved with 0.8 carat VVS pavé set diamonds in 18 carat white gold.

REF: N04-2018

Opal Lux Ring

A unique creation with stunning oval cut opal with French cut micro pavé set diamonds.

REF: N012-2017

Cresting Heart Ring

A unique creation with heart, oval, pear and round brilliant cut VVS diamonds.

REF: N03-2017

Forest Ring

18 carat white gold band with microscopic engraving depicting scenery from a wedding proposal.

REF: N06-2017

Vail Mountain Ring

White and rose gold wedding ring with laser engraving of the Vail Mountains.

REF: N09-2017

Cresting Wave Ring

2.90 carat pear and round brilliant diamond engagement ring set in platinum.

REF: N02-2017

Delux Heart Ring

2.26 carat diamond heart engagement ring with French pavé set VVS diamonds.

REF: N029-2016

Snake Ring

Diamond snake ring with 3.25 carats of marquise and round brilliant diamonds.

REF: N028-2016

Pearl Snowman

Twin South Sea Pearl with black and white diamonds in 18 carat rose and yellow gold.

REF: N027-2016

Letter Necklace

A one of a kind necklace designed using the initials of a clients family members.

REF: N026-2016

Lux Marquise

2.50 carat marquise cut diamond with 1.0 carat of fishtail mounted diamonds in platinum.

REF: N024-2016

Lux Pear

2 carat pear cut diamond with 1.2 carat diamonds, fishtail set in platinum.

REF: N025-2016


0.49 carat unique butterfly cut diamond with 0.30 carat fishtail set diamonds in white gold.

REF: N022-2016

Night Sky Ring

A unique platinum band with satin polish finish and 0.60 carat diamonds.

REF: N021-2016

French Gold Luceré

A 1.73 carat Luceré diamond with 0.30 carat fishtail diamond set shoulder.

REF: N023-2016

Grand Cushion Sapphire

A 3.06 carat blue cushion cut sapphire with 0.64 carat micro pavé surround in platinum.

REF: N019-2016

Selini Cushion Sapphire

2.06 carat cushion cut sapphire, with 0.6 carat VVS diamonds in platinum.

REF: N015-2016

Diamond Ruby Ring

0.9 carat pear cut rubies with 1.4 carat of VVS diamonds pavé set in platinum.

REF: N012-2015

Selini Diamond Leaf Ring

Leaf inspired organic design set with VVS quality diamonds in platinum.

REF: N029-2015

Pink Tourmaline Earrings

Pink Tourmaline Earrings with intricate micro pavé round brilliant diamonds in 18 carat white gold.

REF: N038-2015

Zebra Ring

Handcrafted Zebra print design, with pearlescent black enamel in rose gold.

REF: N031-2015

Selini Floral Radiance

Floral necklace in 18 carat white, yellow and rose gold with 2.13 carat of diamonds.

REF: N017-2014

Selini Envy Ring

Two 1.0 carat pear shape diamonds mounted in platinum and 18 carat gold with VVS pavè set diamonds.

REF: N032-2014

Selini Pink Lustre

18 carat rose gold ring with three exceptional diamonds, pavé set with round pink sapphires.

REF: N023-2014

Selini Radiance Round

4 carat diamond ring with pear cut side diamonds set in platinum with pavé VVS diamonds.

REF: N031-2014

Vintage Pavé Ring

Vintage style ring with D colour VVS clarity diamonds pavé set on three sides with oval diamond.

REF: N039-2015

Selini Elegance Classic

Emerald cut centre diamond with VVS pavé set diamonds designed to fit with existing wedding ring.

REF: N013-2014

Coulée Earrings

Elegant liquid inspired platinum earrings with 0.76 carat VVS round brilliant diamonds.

REF: N020 - 2012

Coulée Oval

Inspired by liquid a 0.8 carat oval cut diamond ring set in a flowing 18 carat gold mount.

REF: N09-2012

Coulée Pavé Band

Curved shaped wedding band with pavé set diamonds designed to fit the Coulée Oval ring.

REF: N06-2013

Blue Heart Earrings

Heart earrings micro pavé set in platinum featuring exceptional sapphires and diamonds.

REF: N06-2010

Blue Heart Pendant

Heart pendant micro pavé set in platinum featuring exceptional sapphires and diamonds.

REF: N05-2010

Selini Origin

A 10.08 carat pear shaped diamond of exceptional colour and clarity, set in a platinum.

REF: N08-2012

Fantail Yellow Diamond

1.04 carat natural vivid yellow and VVS white pear shaped diamonds in platinum.

REF: N026-2012

Sunfire Pendant

Abstract interpretation of the sun and stars with free-flowing curves in rose gold set with diamonds.

REF: N022-2013

Selini Starlight

7.25 carat diamond necklace with unique linkage system developed by Robin.

REF: N01-2010

Lunar Pendants

Spiral design with three 0.35 carat diamonds with pavé set VVS diamonds in 18 carat white gold.

REF: N032-2012

Fantail Ruby

1.2 carat pear cut ruby alongside a 0.8 carat VVS pear diamond in our popular fantail style.

REF: N041-2013

Selini Opal Mist

South Australian Opal in a curving 18 carat white gold mount with pavé set VVS diamonds.

REF: N028-2014

Selini Azure

1.6 carat radiant cut sapphire set in platinum with pavé set VVS diamonds.

REF: N016-2011

New Cluster Ring

2.0 carat rare cushion ruby alongside 1.5 carats round brilliant diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold.

REF: N09-2010

Sapphire Excellence Ring

Fine Ceylon cushion cut sapphire mounted within a pavé set diamond surround.

REF: N015-2013

Imprint Wedding Ring

Wedding ring with partner's fingerprint engraved on the inside in 18 carat gold.

REF: N04-2013

Baguette Wedding Ring

Classic wedding ring with exceptional baguette diamonds channel set lengthways.

REF: N038-2012

Selini Gold Azure

18 carat gold with raised grain set shoulders, VVS diamonds with high clarity emerald cut diamond.

REF: N02-2013

Fantail Marquise

0.9 carat of marquise diamonds pavé set with VVS diamonds in platinum.

REF: N035-2013

Orb Ring

A highly complex laser assembled 'disco ball' ring with 268 pavé set round brilliant diamonds.

REF: N04-2009

Crossover Ring

Round brilliant cut diamond mounted on a two rail band with pavé set diamonds in platinum.

REF: N031-2012

Cachet Ring

Oval cut diamond with pear shaped diamond shoulders set in handmade platinum mount.

REF: N039-2012

Exceptional Pieces

Award winning and special pieces by Robin Girling