Selini Private Commission process


Step 1

At your first consultation Robin will discuss with you basic design concepts, stone options and budgets. He will produce initial sketches and together you can explore various design possibilities.


"It’s very important for me to meet with all my clients personally, at every stage of the process; It’s a crucial element of the way I work."

Design Development

Step 2

When the ideas from your initial consultation have been refined you will meet Robin again. He will then show you more detailed drawings of the proposed design and you will see the stones, materials, diamonds or gemstones he has selected for you to choose from. At this point Robin will discuss with you specific design elements and ideas he would like to include.

"I usually give clients several stone options but they nearly always go for the one their eye is drawn to first, it’s an instinctive thing."


Step 3

An important part of refining and perfecting a design is the prototyping stage, with each piece that Robin produces being totally unique the development stages are crucial. Once Robin has produced a working prototype he will present it to you for your approval.

"To get a design just right you must hold it in your hand, proportions and scale cannot be assessed on paper alone."


Step 4

Once your design has been approved Robin will proceed to make the piece, there are a variety of skills and processes required to produce the metalwork (or mount) which can vary depending on the piece being made. Every aspect of manufacture is undertaken by Robin in our Cedar Farm workshop where you can see your piece being made throughout the different stages of the process.


"Creating an attractive design is one thing, turning that idea into a beautifully made piece of metalwork is quite another".

Diamond Setting

Step 5

Once the gold or platinum work is finished the penultimate and often most time-consuming stage is the setting of the diamonds or gemstones. Robin is an accomplished diamond setter specialising in complex pavé work, known for his use of traditional French techniques alongside his own unique setting styles. You will be invited to see your piece being set, a unique opportunity to experience your jewel being brought to life and allowing you a glimpse into the microscopic world of precision diamond setting.

"Clients are invariably fascinated when seeing their piece being set, they really start to understand and appreciate how much work goes into my jewellery when they see the minute scale that I often work at."


Step 6

After setting the final stage is finishing, where Robin will polish and apply specialist finishes. He polishes all of his work under a microscope to get a perfect finish. If the piece is a specialist material, like titanium, this is when colouring techniques will be applied.


"It’s only when you finally polish a jewel that it comes to life, if it’s a piece I’ve been working on for months I look forward to it with great anticipation, it’s the most rewarding part of the process for me."