Selini Awards

GC & DC Awards 2020

Titanium Orb Earrings

Robin was very pleased to have received his third Goldsmith’s Craft and Design Council Award in 2020 for his Titanium Orb Earrings.

The GC & DC Awards are highly regarded in the industry and known internationally as the ‘Oscars’ of the jewellery world. Robin continued to push the boundaries by controversially using titanium for the third time with his beautiful and complex Titanium Orb Earrings.

The aim with this piece was to demonstrated the very latest in technological innovation in the jewellery industry, to create an accomplished and technical piece that could not be made traditionally, a pair of earrings that are exceptionally light, strong and colourful. Put simply a piece that couldn’t be made 10 years ago.

The earrings were made in two halfs and micro pave set with 410 0.8mm flawless diamonds, all marked out by hand. This is extremely challenging in titanium and the shape posed even more issues as each cut is on a curve. This piece is now for sale and available for viewing at the Lancashire showroom.


GC & DC Awards 2018

Titanium Sapphire Cuff

Robin was very proud to have received Gold in the special awards category for ‘Technological Innovation’ at the 2018 GC & DC awards.

Made from 1200 blue sapphires that graduate in colour, individually hand set in titanium taking Robin over 300 hours to handcraft.

The special award for Technological Innovation is sponsored by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office and celebrates the use and contribution that technology is making in the craft and industry.


‘I’m hoping this piece will inspire people to embrace more challenging materials and techniques for fine jewellery design, some of the processes I used for the cuff simply weren’t around 10 years ago, it’s an exciting time for me to be working in art jewellery.’


Award winning pieces by Robin Girling

GC & DC Awards 2017

Morpho Butterfly Brooch

Robin was honoured to win two awards at the 2017 Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards. Robin’s Titanium Morpho Butterfly Brooch was entered for its innovative, creative and technical difficulty and achieved a gold award for setting and a bronze award for conceptual design.

The Morpho Butterfly Brooch is handcrafted in titanium and 18ct gold, traditionally pavé set with over 600 diamonds and sapphires taking over 175 hours to make.

Titanium is considered to be the most technically challenging of materials, the reserve of only the finest artistic jewellers, only a handful of workshops internationally are capable of manufacturing a fine jewel such as this in titanium.


‘I spent 2 years developing the techniques and equipment required to work in titanium, after all the hard work and failures. I was exceptionally pleased to have the work recognised and awarded.‘

Robin Girling - Fellow of the IPG

Institute of Professional Goldsmiths

Robin was accredited the highest level of membership to the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (IPG), known as a fellowship, in 2015. This affiliation is awarded to only the highest level of jewellery craftspeople. 

Many Fellows of the IPG, usually anonymously, create pieces for royalty and the world’s finest jewellery houses.

To acknowledge this significant accolade every piece of Selini Jewellery carries the IPG marque.

Robin sits on the executive committee of the IPG and is actively involved in maintaining standards, supporting the highest calibre craftsmen and mentoring the next generation of fine jewellers.

For further information on th IPG please visit