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Diamond Setting

Microscopic Detail

Robin has won multiple awards for his diamond and stone setting, specialising in highly complex creations and is renowned for his precision and attention to detail.  Robin’s unique artistic style and reputation for perfection has gained him the trust of collectors worldwide to handle rare and important stones.

‘The time, patience and precision required to execute high end pavé work is very much underestimated by most people, even by those who work in fine jewellery.’


Robin is well known for his micro pavé setting and his work with large important stones using ultra fine claw details. He has redefined the industry benchmark for quality in fine setting.

He has developed numerous stone setting styles and techniques which are unique to Selini and often incorporates one of a kind engraving and setting details in each piece.

‘Setting is widely regarded as a purely technical process, it’s not, it is an art form in its own right.  When setting a jewel, you are in control of the look of the finished piece, it can either be rushed and end up looking commercial or time and dedication can be poured into producing an exceptional piece.  The two should not be confused, the skill, time required and end results are worlds apart.’

’A jewel should look better when examined under a loupe or microscope than it does with the naked eye. The detail that is revealed to you upon closer inspection is what makes the piece.’