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Titanium Sapphire Cuff

Award Piece

One of a kind piece comprising of 1200 (15 carats) calibrated colour graduated sapphires individually hand set by Robin. This piece took over 300 hours to create and won the prestigious gold award for ‘Technological Innovation’ at the 2018 GC & DC awards. Robin continued to push the boundaries by controversially using titanium for the second year running with this beautiful and complex cuff.

‘It’s as light as a feather and a joy to wear, you can’t even feel it, but you look down at your wrist and a mesmerising display of blue light greats you.’

Titanium Sapphire Cuff

Exceptional Pieces


‘The cuff was very challenging to design and make, I had to develop new techniques and processes to form the metal into such a complicated shape and setting the sapphires in titanium was extremely difficult and immensely time consuming. It took me more than 300 hours over a 2 year period to complete.’



Ref Number

  • EXP-3-N07

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Cuff/ bracelet

Carat Weight

  • 1200 colour calibrated, graduated sapphire
  • 15ct sapphire

Diamond Cut

  • Round brilliant sapphires

Material Used

  • Sapphire
  • Titanium