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Titanium Orb Earrings

Award Piece

The aim was to design and make a piece that demonstrated the very latest in technological innovation in the jewellery industry, to create an accomplished and technical piece that could not be made traditionally, a pair of earrings that are exceptionally light, strong and colourful, put simply a piece that couldn’t be made 10 years ago.

The spheres were made in 2 sections to allow better access for finishing. The surface has been carefully worked to achieve optimal light and colour and is not a simple brushed finish.

The piece is micro pave set with 410 0.8mm flawless diamonds, all marked out by hand. This is extremely challenging in titanium and the shape posed even more issues as each cut is on a curve.

Once the piece is set the titanium is coloured. This process involved extensive research, testing and trials to achieve the desired colour. As a result the piece is a unique shade of chestnut with purple hints. The colour incorporates iridescent properties that produce striking colour changes under different lighting conditions.

Made with 410 flawless diamonds pavé set in titanium spheres.


Ref Number

  • TBC

Jewellery Type

  • Exceptional Piece
  • Award Piece
  • Earrings

Carat Weight

  • 1.35ct flawless diamonds

Diamond Cut

  • Round brilliant

Material Used

  • Titanium
  • Selini platinum

Precious metals manufactured by Robin in-house.